Metal Roofing Installation in Ottawa

Since 2009 our team of roof specialists has installed 1000s of residential and commercial metal roofs. In 2016 we opened up our Ottawa location, offering the best metal roof installation in Ottawa. Our high-quality metal roofs have incredible energy efficiency, saving our clients money in heating and cooling costs. Our family-owned and operated company takes pride in being the industry leader in the region. In fact, our installations come with a 55-year warranty. You have a roof for a lifetime. When you need to replace or repair your roof, call Ottawa Metal Roofing. Our seasoned staff will be happy to help you.

Sustainable Professional Installation

At Ottawa Metal Roofing commit to 21st century sustainable practices. Because steel and aluminum have a lighter weight, in many cases our metal roofing installation team in Ottawa can install a new metal roof over an existing metal roof. What are the benefits? Save considerably in cost and labour for removing and disposing of your old roof. We install roofs year-round, even in the cold winter. You don’t need to wait to replace your roof with a much more sustainable, energy-efficient option.

Our professional installation guarantees you a roof that will last for decades. Unlike traditional roofing, metal roofing requires special attention to detail. We use high-end equipment. Our team takes specialized training. For such an important project you need a company you can trust. Shoddy installation can result in costly water damage, leaks, and serious structural problems. With our years of experience in both renovation and manufacturing, we promise the best workmanship.

Metal Roof Benefits

Our metal roofs offer an incredible range of benefits to every business or home. Our metal roofs save clients considerably in cooling and heating their homes. The superior insulation keeps the building comfortable within. Your family can enjoy cool summers and comfortable winters, no matter the outside temperatures.

With climates drastically changing and weather systems increasing in force, our roofs offer unparalleled protection against high winds, hail, and storms. Unlike asphalt tiles which quickly fly off during inclement weather, metal withstands incredible force. Protect your family or your business from damage due to dangerous weather. Additionally, if your metal roof is struck by lightning or is close to a wildfire, you won’t need to worry. Metal roofs are impressively fireproof. Enjoy safety and security.

Asphalt roods are susceptible to all types of damage including termites, critters, fire damage, and water damage. Did you know that metal roofs are termite-proof? Never worry about tenting your home again. Other common problems like mould and rot will not affect steel or aluminum.  Unlike asphalt, metal will not need constant replacing and repairing. It’s that durable.

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When you need the best metal roof installation in Ottawa call Ottawa Metal Roofing. Our seasoned roofing specialists will help you find the perfect solution for your needs. We have an impressive array of colours, styles, and materials to choose from. Our high-quality galvanized steel roofs provide the best protection. We offer installation for commercial, agricultural, and residential buildings, as well as churches and institutions. Contact Ottawa Metal Roofing today. Our helpful staff will be happy to speak with you. 

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