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The Ottawa region withstands intense winters and high winds causing roof damage. Additionally, your metal roof may have issues like leaks, water damage, or corrosion over time. When you want the best metal roof repair in Ottawa, call Ottawa Metal Roofing. For over a decade, our professionally trained team of roofing specialists has installed and repaired 1000s of roofs. We work with all clients, no matter the budget. Don’t cut corners with metal roof repair. You need high-quality workmanship. We offer the best materials in the region and promise to repair your roof quickly and efficiently.

A Leaky Roof

What is the most common need for roof repair? A leaky roof. Sometimes metal corrodes over time causing a leak. In some cases, the damage can happen quickly or poor initial installation can cause a leaky roof. This results in costly damage to your home. Understanding why your roof is leaking and fixing the exact problem is key to preventing further problems down the road. Our team will help identify the problem and partner with you to fix the issue.

The Benefits of Professional Repair

Ottawa Metal Roofing is an industry leader in metal roof repair in Ottawa. Our roofing professionals will find why your roof is leaking and find the right solution for you. Repairing a metal roof can be very dangerous. It is a task for trained professionals. That is why we train our team and use high-end equipment to safely repair any leaks or damage to your roof. Save considerably on labour costs when you choose Ottawa Metal Roofing.

High-Quality Materials

At Ottawa Metal Roofing we combine our experience in renovation and manufacturing to provide you with the highest-quality materials. When you choose us to repair your roof, you can rest assured that you will have the finest workmanship. Our products are meant to last for decades:

  • Class A Fire Resistance
  • Class A Wind Resistance up to 150 km/h
  • Treated metals resist moisture lengthening life
  • Low maintenance
  • Lighter material eliminates structural issues like sagging
  • Mildew resistant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Termite resistant

We pride ourselves on providing the best roofing materials in the area. Our metal tile panels provide elegant beauty and dependable durability for every home. They withstand inclement weather and will last for decades. Don’t worry about water damage or serious structural problems again. Protect your home and family with Ottawa Metal Roofing.

21st Century Sustainability

Finally, Ottawa Metal Roof has committed to sustainable practices. Many of our products are recyclable. As part of the circular economy, many metal roofs are made of a high percentage of recyclable metal. We reduce substantial waste and help preserve the environment with our long-lasting metal roofs.

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Whether you have serious structural damage to your roof, a leak, or need a full replacement, call Ottawa Metal Roofing. Our seasoned professionals will be happy to sit down with you and discuss how we can help you solve your roof problems. Contact us today. Our team will be happy to help you.

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