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Since 2009 our team of roof specialists has installed 1000s of residential and commercial metal roofs. In 2016 we opened up our Ottawa location, offering the best metal roof installation in Ottawa. Our high-quality metal roofs have incredible energy efficiency, saving our clients money in heating and cooling costs. Our family-owned and operated company takes pride in being the industry leader in the region. In fact, our installations come with a 55-year warranty. You have a roof for a lifetime. When you need to replace or repair your roof, call Ottawa Metal Roofing. Our seasoned staff will be happy to help you.

Save Money with a New Metal Roof

We all agree that energy costs have skyrocketed over the last few years. The cost of heating and cooling a business or home continues to grow. When you replace an older roof with a new metal roof, you enjoy impressive energy savings. Our roofs keep the heat from circulating around the home by reflecting the sun’s harmful rays. Superior insulation of a new roof means that you enjoy warmer winters, too. Reduce your energy bills. Enjoy a longer lifespan for any cooling and heating equipment in your home or business. Save money with a metal roof replacement for your Ottawa home or business.

Insurance Benefits

Installing a new metal roof has many insurance benefits. Why? Did you know that a new metal roof is Class A fireproof? Sometimes a stray ember from a wildfire, adjacent fire, or even a lightning strike might cause fire damage to your roof and home. Unlike older asphalt roofs which catch fire quickly, your new metal roof is not flammable. Steel and aluminum have superior protection against fire. Many insurance companies offer lower rates for metal roofs because they are Class A fireproof. In addition, a new metal roof will withstand high winds, inclement weather and even termites. Speak with our roofing professionals about other insurance benefits you may enjoy.

Gorgeous Curb Appeal

A new metal roof brings elegant durability to your home. Experience aesthetic beauty and curb appeal. Increase the overall property value of your home or business. Enjoy a higher market value with a high-quality metal roof. Our metal roofs come in an impressive number of colours, styles, and materials. We have options for every budget, large or small. Contact our design team today. Discover what styles best suit your tastes and needs.

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When you need to replace a roof, call Ottawa Metal Roofing. With our combined experience in manufacturing and renovation, we promise to provide you with the best roof replacement in Ottawa. We have an incredible team of trained professionals who will quickly and efficiently install your new roof. Call our roofing specialists today and set up your initial consultation. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the roofing solution you need. Contact us.

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